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Generated Power Services was founded in 1984 by Brian Smith, supported by his wife Carole and since 1993 one of their sons, Russell, has worked for the company.


Brian has 57 years in the business, starting at the young age of 15 years old as a Generator Engineer Apprentice. 10 years later (1965) he worked as the Leading Electrical/Mechanical Engineer at Stafford Bakeries. Brian built up many work contacts and had started to hire out generators. In 1972, on a chance meeting whilst delivering one of these generators to Thurston Aviation during a power cut, it was suggested that hiring generators could be a business. In 1972 Thurston Electrical was founded and Brian worked there for 12 years, until the desire to start his own business was too strong and Generated Power Services was founded.


The company has grown considerably since 1984 starting with one generator set and the office in a room in their home to today having a fleet of hire generators, modern service vehicles, offices and workshop facilities.


Generated Power Services were one of the first companies in 1997 to receive a grant to achieve ISO9001:2000 UKAS Quality Management and have successfully passed their annual inspections since, continually striving to improve.